First Aid Service

Employee and customer safety is crucial to any business. Make safety a top priority by preparing for potential injuries with AmeriPride’s fully managed first aid service. Our large and small first aid cabinets meet ANSI and OSHA requirements. Other benefits include:

  • Service log – Each cabinet contains a log, updated and signed monthly by your CSR, which satisfies OSHA standards.
  • No price fluctuations – You pay a flat, weekly fee and leave the rest to us.
  • Hospital-grade supplies – We ensure that you are providing hospital-grade solutions and that expired products are never in circulation.
  • Always stocked – Unlike most providers who only service their kits monthly, we service your inventory weekly and adjust accordingly.

Because time is critical during emergencies, our first aid cabinet liners and modules are color coded and organized for ease of use. Combined with our other first aid options listed below, you can easily provide a comprehensive business first aid program to handle minor or major injuries, aches or pains.


Suitable for any business, our large first aid cabinet contains top-quality products to treat a range of workplace injuries. 


Our small first aid cabinet is compact in size and filled with essential items to quickly respond to on-the-job accidents. 


Keep your fleet drivers and traveling staff safe on the road with our DOT-compliant motorist kit filled with fundamental first aid materials. 



Our over-the-counter medicine packs provide employees with relief from common ailments.


Be prepared to respond to eye injuries quickly and efficiently with our sterile rinse in easy-to-open bottles.


Disclaimer: Every business location is unique and our customers’ needs will differ based on the specific work environment and hazards. The information provided should not be used as a substitute for reviewing OSHA or other applicable regulations/standards, performing official safety training, or conducting on-site safety analysis. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine what first aid supplies are adequate and where first aid kits should be placed.

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