2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

At AmeriPride®, corporate responsibility is our priority. That includes a commitment to environmental sustainability, employee health and safety, as well as the well-being of the communities we serve. We continue to be a leader in environmental sustainability and set the standard for clean operations within our industry and beyond.

"Equipment and system improvements have lowered costs and reduced our carbon footprint by 1,607 Metric Tons or the equivalent of removing 338 cars from service."

This report outlines many key programs and initiatives we are continuously improving and implementing across the company, including:

  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Safe driving and routing technology
  • Heat reclamation systems
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Solar power
  • Recycling
  • Industry Clean Green certification
  • Corporate giving

Ultimately our goal is to increase efficiencies and bring added value to our customers while making a positive difference for our employees, our communities and the planet.

To learn more about how we are protecting our environment, employees and communities, download our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report or vist our Corporate Responsibility Website below.


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