Complete Customer Care

In this era of ‘digital disruption’, we understand that the way you conduct business is changing. Whether it’s how you manage your invoices or how you order your supplies and products, you want solutions that work for your business. That’s why AmeriPride created the Complete Customer Care (C3) initiative.

Our C3 approach combines passionate, disciplined people with industry-leading technology to bring you solutions tailored to your business. That includes transparent information about your program and consistent service for all your locations.

  • Dedicated C3 account teams deliver experienced, local support
  • Innovative technology ensures accurate deliveries and efficient service
  • Proven programs drive total satisfaction

Innovative Technology

"They truly grasped Windows' functionality to create an intuitive, user-friendly application with both online and offline capabilities and were able to create a unique and customer-centric final product that rivals some of the best Windows work we have seen." - Margaret Arakawa, GM US Windows & Devices

Equipped with innovative, industry-leading technology, your C3 account team has the mobile tools to deliver expert oversight and transparent, proactive service to all locations.

  • Through our proprietary C3 Mobile service platform, your C3 team always has access to the latest information about your account and can make adjustments on the spot. That means your program will always be in tune with your needs and you never pay for more than you need.
  • Bar code scanning and/or RFID tracking programs for mats and garments ensures delivery of the right products in the right quantities. It also makes certain that when a garment is flagged for repair or replacement, we get it right the first time.  
  • Our online Customer Portal provides transparent information about your account to help you manage program costs and compliance.
  • User-friendly Web Store and Custom eStores make it easy to order products online and get them to employees more conveniently.

Dedicated C3 Account Teams

Your C3 team is with you from start to finish—to get your program up and running and ensure it continues to meet your needs as your business grows and changes.

  • Complete installation service ensures a smooth implementation. A 4-week check-in with your Sales Executive and Service Team—along with regular oversight--verifies that your new program fits your business.
  • Your Customer Service Representative makes your regular deliveries, continuously monitors inventories, monitors quality and validates that your billing matches available inventory.
  • Your Customer Service Manager performs quarterly program performance reviews and shares proactive ideas to bring you more value.
  • Behind the scenes across our facilities, AmeriPride employees work on your behalf to ensure best-in-class quality, efficient coverage to all locations, complete deliveries and accurate invoices.
  • Our highly trained representatives have the longest average tenure in the industry, bringing experience and continuity when your staff changes.

Total Satisfaction

AmeriPride brings insight and experience serving local, regional and national customers for more than 125 years. With our proven programs and C3 support, you’ll have confidence that you have the exact inventory you need, when you need it.

  • AmeriPride representatives have the inventory management expertise to monitor your inventory for you, so you can focus on other priorities.
  • Our Inventory Assurance program prevents shortages, ensuring every customer always has the non-garment inventory they’ve paid for available to meet their needs.
  • Weekend on-call service keeps you covered when unexpected emergencies arise.
  • Through an independent research firm, we conduct satisfaction surveys with 600 customers every month to measure and continually improve our performance and service delivery.
  • 93% of customers give positive ratings on our delivery process and would recommend AmeriPride to another business.
  • 95% of customers give high ratings to their delivery person.

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